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We understand that different events and venues have different requirements when it comes to CCG. Our range of products has been carefully selected with our clients in mind, and is constantly evolving in line with market trends.  We also pride ourselves in being consumer-led to guide our purchasing decisions, so if you don’t find what you are looking for in our existing product range, don’t hesitate to speak to your account manager, who may well be able to assist.

Simply click on the category you want to view, and you will find all the product information you need.

China, cutlery and glassware – or, as most in the catering industry know it, simply ‘CCG’ – is an essential part of major event catering.  After all, think of any big sports hospitality event, and some sort of catering is involved in big numbers.

Take the example of an international golf event, major tennis tournament, football or rugby championships and other events of this magnitude, and you can be sure that VIP dining and hospitality is at the heart of the overall sponsorship packages for major brands and organisations.

Sit-down dinners for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people at a time, are ideal for hospitality packages, with VIPs, sponsors, clients, dignitaries and others enjoying a meal as part of the pre-match entertainment.  By the same token, it doesn’t always have to be a formal sit-down 3-course meal that is on offer – there are plenty of instances where more informal buffet catering or stand-up canapé events are more appropriate.

Hire CCG in large volumes nationwide

So, what do you need when it comes to a sit-down meal event?  Well, for sure, you need large numbers of china hire, cutlery hire and glassware hire, and here at eventCCG we are perfectly placed to be able to provide this, and not just with limited choices of styles either.  We offer a variety of different ranges, from standard white china ranges through to luxury coloured chinaware.  From standard stainless steel cutlery through to gold cutlery, and from standard wine glasses and Champagne flutes through to patterned and coloured wine glasses, Champagne flutes, water glasses and speciality glassware for any occasion – we really do have it all.

We realise that not every event is the same and, as such, different ranges will be required on different occasions.  Budgets also differ, and so we aim to provide a ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ concept, aiming to provide something for all.

For buffet and canapé events, we also offer specific products to cater for these, from tasting bowls and tasting spoons through to buffet rises and other equipment to ensure that food serving is as seamless as possible.

And, of course, as you would expect from a nationwide company, we are also in a position to hire furniture and catering equipment on top of your CCG requirements, offering you a one-stop shop for all your needs.  After all, if you can source everything you need from the same place, this means fewer deliveries and collections to co-ordinate, fewer invoices to pay and, overall, less hassle for you!

When it comes to furniture, we offer everything from banqueting chairs and tables through to stools and poseur tables. With regard to catering equipment, how about jackstacks, fridges and other equipment to help that event service run seamlessly behind the scenes.

Partner with the CCG rental experts

Better still, we will assign you a dedicated account manager who will be constantly communicating with you to ensure that all your requirements are met.  We have a whole world of event equipment hire that is available to you in addition to what you see on our website.  We pride ourselves in being customer-led, so if there is something that you need, don’t hesitate to speak to your account manager, who will do their very best to help.

The team here at eventCCG is here to provide you with the very best range of products for major event catering along with the best prices and service in the industry, and we very much look forward to working with you to help you create unforgettable events and occasions.

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