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Large event caterers will often require cutlery hire in big numbers, as part of their wider rental requirements.  As well as additional catering equipment, tableware items including cutlery, chinaware and glassware are all staples.

So, how do you choose the best cutlery hire for your event, and how do you choose where to rent cutlery for big events from, in a crowded market?

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Firstly, let’s consider the type of cutlery you need.  Large scale event catering can range from sports hospitality events, through to VIP events, buffet and canapé events and others.  The one thing that they have got in common is that big numbers are usually needed.

The type of cutlery hire you need is event-specific

If it’s a sit down dinner, then you are probably going to need starter knives and forks, table knives and forks, dessert knives and forks and possibly dessert spoons, as well as matching tea and coffee spoons.  Of course, it depends upon the menu that is being served.  You might also need soup spoons if this is the menu, so you need to liaise carefully with your catering teams well in advance to consider what cutlery rental you will need.

Today’s event cutlery hire market is also more than standard stainless steel cutlery, which it very much used to be.  Yes, there is still a place for affordable cutlery in big numbers, but by investing perhaps just a little more, you can create some fabulous table settings using patterned cutlery or even gold cutlery, for instance.  Luxury cutlery and tableware really has never been easier.  Suffice to say that affordable cutlery hire is available, as is luxury cutlery hire, and everything in between – there is something for any and every setting in today’s marketplace.

So, once you have defined what cutlery you need and the quantities required, it’s time to decide on where to hire cutlery from for your large scale event.

As a major event caterer, you will no doubt not just need large quantities, but you will also want matching cutlery. To create the finest table settings, all your knives, forks and spoons need to be from the same range and in the same finish.  Only the biggest cutlery rental companies will be able to provide you with this.

Secondly, you need your cutlery to be table-ready upon arrival, with no quality issues.  The last thing you need in the lead up to a busy event is to be worrying about whether your cutlery is going to arrive in the right quality or quantities and, worse still, if it is even going to arrive at all.

And that leads us to the final point of service.  Work with a trusted cutlery rental company that delivers on its promises and which offers you a trusted service commitment – that’s the least you should expect, and rightly so.

How important is the price of cutlery rental?

And finally, did we mention price?  If you are looking for cheap cutlery hire for major event catering, then you are probably in the wrong place. Ultimately, like anything else, you get what you pay for.  Yes, we all like value for money, but you’ll find that paying a fair, competitive price for a great overall package in terms of products and service is going to benefit you much more than trying to save a few pounds on the bottom line.

The team here at eventCCG would like to thank you for your visit to our site, and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.  If you are a major event cutlery needing to hire cutlery – and other tableware – in large quantities, then you are definitely in the right place!

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