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Major event catering is big business, and so you need to get every element right.  Whether it is your furniture, catering equipment, decor, entertainment, serve standards or, in this case, the glassware and other tableware, it’s the interaction of all these elements coming together which will form the basis of success at your event, or not, as the case may be.

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So, let’s look at glassware rental in particular.  OK, we realise that this might not be right at the top of your priority list in your planning process, but it is important nonetheless!  After all, your guests are going to be seeing and using your wine glasses, Champagne flutes and other bar glassware during your event, so there’s no excuse for lipstick marks, dirty glasses, scratched or chipped glassware on your event tables.

What is important to you as a venue or major event caterer when you come to hire glassware for events?

Glassware hire in large volumes

We’ve already mentioned that you need quality glassware, and this is an absolute non-negotiable.  It HAS to be top drawer.

What about the range of glassware you select?  Well, in today’s market, there is a whole host of glassware ranges in different styles and at different price points, to suit all occasions.  From standard, affordable wine glasses and Champagne flutes through to more luxury glassware rental items including patterned and coloured glassware to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Of course, it’s all well and good choosing modern and contemporary glassware for events, but does the hire company you are working with have the numbers you need.  Major event caterers will be looking for matching glassware, as they will no doubt want all their event tables to look the same.  And the bigger the number of guests, the more difficult it is to source luxury glassware in the high numbers.  There are only a few suppliers in the UK who are able to offer these quantities, with eventCCG being one of them.

When we talk about matching glassware, the most obvious ‘match’ is for all your wine and Champagne flutes to match together in style.  However, have you thought about how your glassware will match up with your other tableware?  The best event planners and caterers always have this in mind when deciding upon what they need to create fabulous table settings.  How about hiring gold glassware to go with your gold cutlery, for instance?

Quality of service from your CCG supplier is vital

Reliability of service should always be towards the top of your list of considerations when it comes to deciding where to hire glassware from. Look for a company that operates their own fleet of vehicles with their own drivers, rather than relying on pallet networks.  This is important because you are assured of a top-notch service which, therefore, breeds repeat orders and, then, the same teams servicing your venue.  The whole operational process, therefore, becomes seamless, rather than you working with different people all the time.

And finally, price.  Yes, price is an important element, but we would always advocate that paying a fair price for glassware is more important than hiring the cheapest glassware.  Ultimately, you get what you pay for.  The reality of the glassware hire sector is that by investing just a little bit more, you can hire luxury glassware and other tableware in large quantities, without breaking the bank, but achieving fantastic results.  In other words, luxury can also be affordable.

When the time comes for you, as a major event caterer, to hire glassware and event tableware, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at eventCCG where a dedicated account manager will be on hand to discuss all your specific requirements in more detail.

We thank you for your visit today, and very much look forward to hearing from you soon.

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