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How do you choose the best CCG hire company?

Read more in today's article about how to choose the best CCG hire company to service your
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Major event catering can be stressful. There is so much to organise in advance, and so you can be forgiven for CCG (chinaware, cutlery and glassware) hire not being at the top of your priority list. However, it won’t be too long in the planning process when you do need to consider which CCG hire company to work with. And yes, there are several options in today’s market, but not all will be able to provide exactly what you need.

For the purposes of this article, let’s have a look at what we believe will be important to you when you decide on the best CCG hire company for you and your venue.


It’s certainly not the case that one range of CCG fits every event. Depending upon the client, the venue and the occasion, different choices will be made when it comes to the china, cutlery and glassware hire products needed to create the table settings you want. Suffice to say that in today’s market, there is everything you need, from affordable CCG hire all the way up to luxury CCG hire, and everything in between. We would suggest that the CCG hire company you choose should be able to offer you a wide variety of different ranges, and so you can choose, rather than being dictated to.


As part of the above, you also need to consider quantities. We’re sure that you will want matching tableware for your event tables, and this can only be achieved if your CCG hire company has large volumes of stock available. Only the biggest CCG hire companies that operate nationwide can offer this, of which eventCCG is, of course, one.


And quantity means nothing if you don’t have the quality. Your guests are going to be using the china, cutlery and glassware up close and personal at your major event catering occasion, and so the quality needs to be right. There is no excuse for lipstick marks, chips, scratches or dents. The formula is pretty simple: Quantity + Quality = Success.


Endeavour to work with a CCG hire company that is able to easily supply your venue and, better still, that has experience of working at your venue. The closer they are to you, the better the service is likely to be.

Service from your CCG hire company

And talking of service, the last thing you need to be doing in the lead up to a busy catering event is worrying about whether your CCG is going to arrive on time, in the right place, in the quantities or, worse still, if it is going to arrive at all. Work with a CCG hire company that is able to take care of everything relating to your tableware, nice and efficiently.


And last, but by no means least, price. Whilst price is, of course, important, we’d suggest that you want to be working with a CCG hire company that can offer you everything from great products and great service, at great prices. In other words, a competitive price for a competitive package. Yes, we all like to think that we’re getting a great deal, but is the cheapest always the best?

So, if you are responsible for major event catering at large sports hospitality occasions, for instance, don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out how eventCCG can help you and your venue. We aim to work on a long-term basis, building our relationship, to ensure that you are 100% confident of receiving a fantastic service each and every time.

One of our dedicated account managers will be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail, and we will very much welcome your call.


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