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The quality of your cutlery hire is vital

Read more about the importance of cutlery hire in the best possible quality and what a difference
cutlery hire

The quality of any equipment that you decide to hire in from an external source for your major catering event is important, and in other blogs, we’ve already looked at how to choose the best suppliers of CCG and much more.

Suffice to say, however, that the quality of your tableware is hugely important. This is because your guests are using this equipment up close and personal, and even putting it into their mouths. This is, therefore, not an area to scrimp and save. OK, on other equipment there might some stains or blemishes like on the pipe and drape or the light up letters, for instance. However, these items are only seen from a distance by your guests – they are certainly not going to be examining the quality. Tableware, however is a different matter.

Quality is vital for cutlery hire & tableware

We all know how off-putting it can be to be served wine in a glass with lipstick marks, or be served a meal on chipped or worn crockery. The same can be said of cutlery. But how far wrong can you go with cutlery? It’s cutlery hire, after all!

Ultimately, like anything else, different cutlery hire companies have different standards, and it’s the internal processes in-between hires that make all the difference here.

Of course, we can only talk on behalf of eventCCG, where our standards and processes are robust, as we realise and understand the importance of getting this right for our clients, first time.

Quality processes ensure a quality outcome

So, after the dirty cutlery has been counted back in, it goes into our state-of-the-art industrial washing machine where it is thoroughly washed and sanitised. At the other end of the conveyor washer, it comes out to be dried, and then goes into a burnishing machine. This, essentially, ensures the brilliance and shine of the metal is restored each and every time it is used, making sure that when the cutlery goes out on hire again to our clients, it is in immaculate table-ready condition.

Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes here at eventCCG to provide you with a seamless service. Having worked in this sector for many years, our team knows that the last thing you need in the run-up to a busy catering occasion is to be worrying about the quality of your tableware, so you can count on us to get it right.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your major event catering requirements when it comes to chinaware, cutlery hire and glassware hire in large quantities – we are here to help!


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