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In this section, you’ll find a range of articles relating to tableware hire for major event catering.  Tableware is wide-ranging and can include any equipment that is used to adorn event tables, from the table settings of chinaware, cutlery and glassware themselves through to table service equipment such as water jugs, butter dishes, salt & pepper pots and everything in between.

Quality tableware hire is vital for your event

The quality of your event tableware hire is crucial due to the fact that it is seen up close and personal by your guests. And there’s no doubt that your catering teams will want to ensure that their magical food creations are presented in the very best way possible.  In other words, whilst tableware rental might be right at the top of your list of priorities in your event planning, it certainly needs some careful consideration.

Of course, not all table settings are the same, and they are very much defined by the type of major catering event and the audience you are catering for.  Suffice to say that in today’s event tableware rental market, there really is something for everyone, whether it’s ranges of affordable matching white chinaware through to luxury cutlery and glassware, all at different price points to suit every budget.

Rent tableware for major event catering, nationwide

Needless to say that as the major event caterer, you want to have confidence in the quality of your tableware.  You need to be sure that it is going to arrive in immaculate, table-ready condition, ready for instant use.  You do not want to be having to check each and every item before use. That is why all tableware items here at eventCCG are machine washed, thoroughly checked and reliably counted in between hires to ensure that you receive the very best quality tableware for hire, right first time.

Hopefully, you will find these articles to be useful and informative if and when you need to hire tableware in large volumes for major event catering.  Our team is ready to assist you in whatever way they can, and hopefully we can nurture a long-term partnership together.

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