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Tableware rental for major event catering

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tableware rental

There is a huge amount to organise when it comes to major event catering, with tableware rental being just one of them.

OK, so this might not be at the top of your priority list, but the bigger the numbers involved, the more tricky this becomes. This is because certainly not all tableware hire companies have the big quantities required to service your size of event, and this is where eventCCG comes into its own.

Tableware rental in large quantities for major event catering

We don’t just have hundreds of covers of chinaware, cutlery and glassware available in different ranges, we actually have them in their thousands. This not only ensures that we are able to service your event with matching tableware, but it means that we are able to service back-to-back event days or evenings for you if required.

Quantities, of course, is not just the only consideration. When it comes to quality tableware for major event catering, we’re confident in the fact that we have invested in the very best industrial wash facilities in the country, which ultimately provide you with table-ready CCG every time. And, just to make sure, all our items are thoroughly checked manually before they leave our distribution hubs.

Order early!

A word of advice at this point. We’re already said that the bigger the numbers, the more difficult it becomes to source the tableware you need. Not only in the right quantity and quality, but also in the fact that come the busy seasons of the summer and Christmas, there is huge demand for this type of event equipment nationwide. Our suggestion would be as soon as you have an idea about your potential requirements, get in contact with your dedicated account manager – after all, it’s always easier to tweak numbers nearer the time rather than leave ordering until the last minute, when this really can potentially be a problem.

Work with the UK’s premier major event catering tableware rental company today – we’re here to provide you with a seamless service from start to finish, and will welcome your call to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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